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Pablo Bibiano

Through my online coaching program, you'll be able to receive dedicated support, custom plans, regular check-ins, and progression tracking.
We're here to help you achieve a sustainable and healthy lifestyle whilst smashing your goals.

You will receive tailored workout and nutrition plans, designed specifically for you, your goals, and your lifestyle. Moreover, you will have full support every step of the way.
I'm a specialist in not just physical fitness but also in nutrition and general wellbeing, meaning that I can support my clients in all the right ways, no matter what it is they might need.

So what is it you want from your one to one personal training? Here are just some of the benefits that might help you decide on your ultimate goals:

  • A personalised approach to fitness and nutrition
  • A motivational partner to be accountable to
  • Fresh ideas and variety in your workouts
  • You'll learn the correct technique to reduce the chances of injury
  • You'll have better results, and you'll achieve your goals more successfully
I work together with a nutritionist & dietician

Just like exercise, a balanced diet is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Whether there is a medical condition in which a dietary intervention is required or a wish for more depth in eating habits and knowledge, DDietist Dietetics can help you.

DDietist Dietetics offers professional nutritional care and is specializes in sports nutrition and (medical) complaints with possible nutritional causes. In order to provide you with the right diet plan in addition to your training, DDietist Dietetics works closely together with Paulo Bibiano.

DDietist dietetics offers a package consisting of one intake including a body composition measurement and personal dietary advice, two to four follow-up consultations. Of course, you can have more consultations if needed. DDietist dietetics has no contracts with health insurers to protect your privacy. Dietary advice/treatment is covered by the basic health insurance (three hours covered, market conform priced when your own risk is finished).

Personal Trainer


Paulo Bibiano
Dascha Willemsen

I give you that extra guide and inspiration to help you meet your body goals. I am committed to providing high-quality personal training services with guaranteed results.

Whether there is a medical condition in which a dietary intervention is required or a wish for more depth in eating habits and knowledge, DDietist Dietetics can help you.

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Paulo Bibiano, 2021
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